Day Trip to Montserrat

 beautiful passageway | Montserrat, Spain | MontgomeryFestJust outside of the lively energy of Barcelona lie the mountains of Montserrat. Which is enough of a view. But then! A little more than half way up the mountain is home to the beautiful Benedictine Abbey, Santa Maria del Montserrat. It’s quite unexpected and makes for one amazing day trip, that’s for sure.

The grounds surrounding the abbey wrap around the cliffs with a million gorgeous view points up and down and left and right. If you weren’t interested in the view, there was enough to fill a day around the grounds. They were prepared for visitors. Two restaurants, two multi-level, full-blown cafeterias, a bar, a supermarket and then the cute little market with local cheeses and honeys. No one was going hungry on that mountain.

We meandered through the abbey’s passageways and fell in love with all of her arches.

When it was time to head back down the mountain, we opted for the funicular option again versus the gondola, thinking it would involve less stomach-in-your-throat action. On the way up, we were in total awe. On the way down, we were fully aware of how far up we were and how rockily close we were to the edge of every cliff. Fully aware. I bonded with the elderly lady across from us. Fast friends, I tell ya.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the chatting..

Montserrat mountains, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat mountain, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat mountain, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat mountains, Spain | MontgomeryFest
beautiful archway | Montserrat, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestbeautiful passageway | Montserrat, Spain | MontgomeryFest Montserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFest  Montserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFest Montserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFest  Montserrat monastery, Spain | MontgomeryFestlovely geometry | Montserrat, Spain | MontgomeryFestMontserrat mountains, Spain | MontgomeryFest

Have you been to Montserrat? Have any photos to share? I’d love to see ‘em!


  1. Stunning, stunning photos! I especially love all the ones of colonnades. You really know how to capture depth and perspective in your pictures. X Jane

  2. Beautiful! I’ve been to Barcelona, and then we headed to sunny Lloret-de-Mar, so I haven’t seen much of Spain

    • thank you! we haven’t either! ironically, we’ve only been to barcelona twice and mallorca and the canary islands.

    • it was soo pretty! i hadn’t heard of it before this..underated!

  3. Finding the unexpected is one of my favorite things about travel. You certainly found a gem in the abbey, Santa Maria del Montserrat, and your pictures are beautiful. Europe’s on our list of “go to” places but, for now, thanks for the armchair tour! Anita

    • haha that sounds like a relaxing way to tour! ;) glad we could provide a little eye candy!

  4. That does look amazing! The height though, not so sure I’d be so happy on the way up or down either!

    • so high! the excitement helped cover it on the way up, but oh no…no escaping it on the way down!

  5. discovered your cheerful and lovely blog recently :) (while looking belgian blogs i can follow :))

    we went to Montserrat when we visited Barcelona last year – and this was my favourite day! we went up by cable car and down by the rail (cos we missed the last cable car and had to pay for ticket again) but boy was it worth to have both the experiences, so different and still so awesome. seeing your post reminded me of a v happy day :)

    • aw! hi! thank you so much for your sweet words. those sights were incredible…glad you had such a great experience!

  6. This is already making me nostalgic for Crimea – the mountain areas have a bit in common (as is your description of the hiking experience – you will see), and having been part of the Caliphate as well, there are a lot of Moorish/Middle Eastern architectural influences. I really enjoyed that about Spain in general – such an interesting blend of Europe and Arabia.

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