2013 Holiday Card

Christmas cards are a big deal in the Montgomery household. I love a good envelope + stamp situation and the year-end always provides for a nice opportunity to say ‘I hope you’re doing fab!’ thoughtfully. We may or may not have discussions on the topic throughout the year. Creativity can’t be rushed…well, typically. Last year, we kept it simple with a year-in-review of the crazy, wonderful 2012. 

This year, I took advantage of my abundance of free time to participate in the homemade holiday movement (it is!).

MIt all started with an order from Paper Source, as it usually does. (Thank you Heather!) The tri-fold cards only come in large, so we cut them down to size square. Marina and I took to the city center and Place Saint Catherine to scope out Brussels tourism shops and find pretty maps to line the envelopes with. Cue Justin and his affinity for straight lines and placement of public places on paper (i.e. you’ll probably see a palace on your envelope.). That liner packet has been worth its weight – in pounds AND kilograms.

holidays-001We chose a photo that looked wintry and subsequently realized it was from Christmas day 2012 when we were in Austria. Rad. I busted out the watercolors –> a wreath for the front of the card, summing up our year as ‘adventure’ because it was filled to the brim with it and the funnest part – names on the envelopes. We wrapped those puppies up with a red ribbon and sealed em with our favorite Mitty return address stamp and gold washi tape. Et voilà!


Merry Christmas to you and to yours!

j and a

ps. Connie made it to Natalie’s Christmas tree round-up! That little lady, I tell ya..



  1. Oh my word – you really do go all out!

    They’re gorgeous and I love all of the little details – particularly the Brussels map lining the envelopes!

    Merry Christmas :)

    • Mucho thanks! I think we found out why you hire professionals when you have large quantities though..still not enough free time..

    • thanks dear! i like them a lot better now that all of that work is done ;)

  2. Lovely card!!! And I LOVE Paper Source, why don’t they have it in Europe??? In Paris, they have Rougier et Plé and Cultura. Do you have that in Belguim?

    • aw, thank you! I think I ask that question daily..heh. we doooon’t. what the heck. but thank you for the recs. we’ll definitely be paying a visit next time we’re in Paris!

  3. Wow- these are incredible! So thoughtful and I love handmade. I’m sure all your recipients were really excited to get this in the mail!

    • thanks lisa! i got a little carried away this year….really appreciate the sweet comments!

    • you’re so sweet! thank you! i have a little etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/annamaestudios) but i haven’t been putting stuff on it lately because i can’t find supplies i like in belgium, so its only when my mom ships me supplies from the states! ;) if you’d like something particular, i’d love to make it for you if i can, just let me know!

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